Velvet tones of his cello accompanied the listeners for all the evening. … Each different piece of music meant a different world, different feelings, different fascination – these all together a nice experience. I must say a laical and admiring remark to finish it up: “… and this all can be done only by four strings.”

Velká Bíteš

Cellist Martin Švajda, who was making his debut here, managed to rehearse a completely new repertoire in a mere three days´ time and play in perfect harmony with the orther members of the Brno String Quartet. What talent and professionalism this shows!
It was truly a pleasure to hear his playing, soft and lyrical yet clear and dynamic, well-balanced and firmly in tempo.


…His performance of Brahms´ Sonata in F major, Op. 99, was characterized by clear musicianship and an effort to attain technical and stylistic purity. He uncovered completely the wealth of ideas and intensity of feeling in Brahms´ music, thus contributing to what was altogether an unusually effective reading of this composition.
…In the hands of Martin Švajda, Igor Stravinsky´s Italian Suite was a dazzling treat. His absolute technical mastery, varied tonal palette, rhythmical precision and refined sense of the contrast between individual movements here all helped to crown his success.


One again Martin Švajda had a chance to let his musical skill shine forth, and this he did with both great feeling and a sense of proportion, especially in his soulful, longing solo in the third movement.


The distinctive sound of his instrument lent itself to the overall musical picture in a highly organic way. Even so challenging a composition as Brahms´ Piano Trio in C minor, Op.101 seemed compact and well-integrated.
Martin Švajda demonstrated once again what a seasoned chamber music player he is.


Their preformance at the 6th subscription concert in Mácha Theater confirmed all of this – their sensitive interplay, feeling for stylistic nuance, refined performance technique, sense of tempo and expressively differentiated dynamics.
The tone and timbre of the cello was pleasant. To the ear, and Martin Švajda and Pavel Kratochvíl left listeners convinced of their highly artistic feeling for chamber playing.


The cello is instantly assosiated with its large tone and charaktaristic expressiveness. Mr. Švajda displayed an artistically mature sense of interpretation.


Cellist Martin Švajda and pianist Pavel Kratochvíl performed technically pretentious, musically grateful classical repertoir in perfect interplay.